Maximize the power of
Copy & Paste

PasteNow is a powerful native clipboard tool for macOS & iOS.

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Requires macOS 12.0 & iOS 15.0 or later.

Main Screen

Simple, Powerful and Efficient

Drag and Drop

Collect and organize used clippings into list, then drag and drop them out when you needed.

Feature Drag

iCloud Sync

With iCloud sync, PasteNow protect your secure data and user privacy.

Feature iCloud

Full Keyboard Control

PasteNow supports full keyboard operation. Custom shortcuts can also be configured in the settings.

Feature Drag

Organized with Smart List

With different conditions, you can easily organized the information you collect with Smart List.

Feature iCloud

Exclusion Rules

You can set exclusion rules by apps or by other rules. PasteNow will only collect the data you want to keep.

Feature Exclusion Rules

Preview and Edit

Press Space to preview the original content, and Right Click to edit your content.

Feature Preview and Edit

Why people love PasteNow

We launched PasteNow in 2021, and it has been continuously updated since then. PasteNow has a 4.6/5 rating on the Mac App Store and many positive reviews. Your appreciation motivates us to keep improving the product.

Best Clipboard App

5 stars rating

This is the best clipboard I have ever used. Now it has become my daily app. Pastenow is easy to use.

Tried a lot of clipboards and this one is the best

5 stars rating

Really nice integration with iCloud and it's got a lot built into it, and a responsive developer.

Very happy so far.

This tool helps to improve my work efficiency, a lot

5 stars rating

copy & paste used to be a nightmare, especially working on slides or documents which requires a lot of image and text resource. Great work!

Excellent Copy and Paste App

5 stars rating

If you have ever searched for "copy ad paste" or "clipboard app" in Apple's App Store, you will know that they have lots of apps.

If you have 2 or more iOS devices, one key feature you will want to look for is "Cloud sync" or iCloud syc, and this is excellent.

Very good app

5 stars rating

I love having the most common used items handy and at my finger tips.. this app is easy and keeps your info in a simple design but is also powerful and efficient.

Worth Get it!

Gamechanger for web design

5 stars rating

I have been shouting about this app to everyone that will listen. I can imagine it would be useful for any computer work, but as a web designer / developer with ADD, this has rocked my world. I can now copy HEX codes, environment variables or snippets all at once and then easily paste them from the PasteNow menu when needed.

My favorite feature is that the app recognizes the HEX codes and shows what color they represent, so it's easy to work with color palettes.

My most used application

5 stars rating

PasteNow is the one I use the most and it has saved me hours of work.
The list feature is unbeatable and I use it for many different types of tasks I do in a given day. Keyboard shortcuts enable quick pasting of all sorts of content even when the manaqers full of items. And I love that l can edit text on lists and paste from the source formatting or plain text. Handles images perfectly too.
I can't say enough good things about this app. Very well done.

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